Meyer Lemon Cocktails!

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Mmmm… Meyer Lemons…. Mmmm

I found Meyer Lemons several years ago all by accident. It was this strange thing in the lemon/lime area of the store and I picked it up out of curiosity and have been hooked ever since!  Sadly though, it is a very seasonal item and can get expensive, like $3.50/lb easy, so when my local grocery store had a one-day sale of 2 lbs for $3 I picked up 2 lbs. Every once in a while I will find them at Costco! 

These little lemons have a great flavor, sweet-tart, and are so versatile. You can make pasta, pies, cookies, and drinks with them. The sweet-tart flavor of the Meyer Lemon adds new twists to homemade lemonade, and added complexity to cocktails! 

Here are my favorite Meyer Lemon Cocktails!

Meyer Lemon Margarita– Since I usually make my margarita’s with lemon juice it was an easy sub! You can also use Triple Sec instead of Cointreau if you don’t have it on hand.

Lemon-Vanilla Bean Bourbon Smash– I love this drink! Vanilla and Meyer Lemons.. yes, please! I don’t do the simple syrup as it’s a matter of time and use. Instead, I use Dry Vanilla Bean Soda, and it works out great! 

Meyer Lemon Martini-   just flipped the lemon juice to Meyer Lemon Juice and have a new drink!

Meyer Lemon Whiskey Sour- I’m not sure that Whiskey Sour will ever be my go-to drink. But I found it and tried it and didn’t hate it.

Meyer Lemon Old Fashioned-Another one that is decent but probable won’t be a constant go-to drink for me.  I know there isn’t a huge difference between this drink and the Bourbon Smash above but I think the quantity of Club Soda and the Simple Syrup vs the whole sugar make the difference.

How do you play with these little lemons?


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