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About Us

I’m Tara and I love to be in the kitchen playing with ingredients and having fun! While I can get spendy in my playing, I do my absolute best to use every leaf and crumb of what I have in the fridge to save money, and have more fun. 


I’m joined in my adventure by Love, the amazing man, and my professional dishwasher, Miss GoGo the 2% of the time Sous Chef and 80% of the time picky eater, and Shadow pup the 100% thigh growth beggar and 10% of the time picky eater. 

Come Join the Fun and lets Cook the Fridge! 

What we Love

Miss GoGo, Dogs, Food, Travel, Laughing, what’s not to list?

Where to find Us

The Fun is on the Web, come follow us!


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Feel free to send me an email!