Passion Fruit and Bourbon

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While shopping at the local Asian market I came across fresh passion fruit. I don’t ever recall seeing fresh passion fruit and it intrigued me! I’ve had Passion fruit in restaurants and yogurts, but never played with it at home. So when I saw it and it had a decent price, I picked up a few to play with 馃檪

Once I got them home I wasn’t completely sure what to do with them or what fresh passion fruit tasted like. After a quick Google search, I found that passion fruit is described as sweet and tart in sorta equal measures. After reviewing my liquor cart and what it currently stocked on it, I settled on bourbon and played from there. The bourbon I chose though is a Brown Sugar Bourbon from Heritage Distilling and is local-ish to me; same state! 

After more contemplation of what I had in front of me, I decided on doing a Bourbon Passion Fruit Soda. It turned out really well and I would/will do it again. Though I will only do it with fresh/frozen passion fruit, and not passion fruit syrup. I don’t like fruit syrups in general, as they are sugary sweet, mask flavors, and less than healthy. It was fun and here is the approximate recipe so you can also try it out.

Passion Fruit Bourbon Soda

  • 4oz Bourbon
  • 1 Passion Fruit
  • Club Soda
  • Ice

Add Passion Fruit, Bourbon, and an Ice Cube to a cocktail shaker and shake till chilled. Strain into a rock glass. You might have to take the strainer off though because the seeds and pulp will block it. I did just dump the seeds and pulp into the glasses, so no big deal. Add another ice cube or two, and top off with club soda. Enjoy!

Passion Fruit Bourbon Soda
Passion Fruit Bourbon Soda


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