Tapas Night!

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Ahh Saturday night, kind of love these nights as I get to do fancy meals that don’t need leftovers the next day, very often.. lol.. It’s also a great family night. 

This Saturday was Tapas for Dinner! We had mushrooms stuffed with chorizo, mushrooms stuffed which quail egg, homemade Bread, Eggplant, Olives, Sweet Drop peppers, Cheese’s, and wine for the adults with chocolate milk for Miss GoGo. It was tasty and amazing!

Let’s take a closer look at what was on the plate, shall we.. 

Eggplant with Cheese, Walnuts and a Honey drizzle

Very yummy but kind of lengthy for this post. Go visit my other post for the full recipe! 

Mushrooms stuffed with Quail Egg

Equal number of Big Button Mushrooms and Quail Eggs
Salt, Pepper, and Herbs if desired, I only top with herbs and pepper

Step 1) Clean your mushrooms and remove Stalks. Careful not to crack the mushroom tops as you’ll lose the whites if you do. 

Step 2) Crack quail egg into mushroom and season with salt, pepper, and herbs; we love rosemary on these! 

Step 3) Bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. This will let the yoke still come out runny, but cook the whites. If you want the yoke a little more firm, cook for an other few minutes. 

Mushrooms stuffed with Chorizo 

I made a few changes/omission when I did to Janette’s recipe. I didn’t use the food processer on this. Instead I fine diced the steams and just mixed them in with the chorizo using a fork. I also omitted the red wine (oops, but still yummy!), subbed parmesan cheese, and omitted the bread crumbs. Still turned out amazing! Go visit Janette at culinaryginger.com for the full recipe! 

Fennel with Parmesan Cheese

I like Joe’s recipe in general and after doing it once I’ll make changes to it next time. This time though, Instead of plain olive oil i used leftover garlic infused olive oil, and it added nicely to the final flavor. I wouldn’t use fresh garlic as I’m worried it would burn cooking for this long. Great side dish and perfect for Tapa’s night! Please go visit
Joe atJoesHealthyMeals.com for the full recipe! 

Homemade Bread.. take your favorite recipe and enjoy! 

From the store came Marinated Artichoke hearts, Black Olives, and Sweet Drop Peppers. I served dinner with a Roja red wine blend from Spain.. so yummy and a perfect Tapas for dinner, even if Miss GoGo only eat parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, and bread.. lol.. Enjoy!

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