Meal Planning

Menu Review for Week ending Dec 12th!

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Yeah another week closer to Christmas! Is your present shopping done yet? Is your Christmas meal planned yet? Yeah.. me neither! 

Meal Plan

Sunday: Brats from local meat shop (made in house even!) with sauerkraut! 

Monday: Coconut Tofu, Rice, and baby Bok choy

Tuesday: Hot pot and sushi night with a friend! 

Wednesday: Salmon, broccoli, and baby Bok choy with Miss GoGo’s assistance

Thursday: Seafood Pasta and homemade bread

: Red Beets paneer with Rice
We have Miss GoGo this weekend! 

Saturday: Tapas Night! 
We have Miss GoGo this weekend! 

Total Budget: $190, seafood is expensive 🙁 

I don’t include alcohol in my budget total. It’s not a necessary item and comes out of a different budget. 

All in all a very yummy week of foods. I also have things leftover from this week to use next week, win win in my book and budget! 


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