Homemade Pizza Sauce

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Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of most pizzas. Turns out, it’s really Chicago Style pizzas I despise; kind of like New York style. Luckily Love prefers New York-style as well, so on rare occasions we do homemade pizza, it’s a thin crust with loads of veggies or a more simple Margherita. But no matter what, 99% of the time, I do Homemade Pizza Sauce with fresh tomatoes. Here’s my go-to recipe; it turns out great and very Italian in flavor. It’s easy to do and the longer you slow simmer the pizza sauce the more complex the flavors! 

A few notes before you start!

  • The tomatoes, you can use whatever you have on hand or is on sale. I like the working contrast between the Roma and the Campari Tomatoes. 
  • You can skip the wine and just use water instead. I use wine as it adds acidity and rounds out the flavor of the pizza sauce. It’s how I use up open bottles of “Un-Drinkable” red wine. 
Pizza Sauce!

Pizza Sauce

Homemade Pizza Sauce from Fresh Tomatoes!
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 3 hours
Course Main Course
Cuisine Italian
Servings 3
Calories 133 kcal


  • Sauce Pot
  • Immersion Blender
  • Knife and Cutting Board


  • 3 each Roma Tomatoes Chopped
  • 3 each Campari Tomatoes Chopped
  • 5 each Garlic Cloves Chopped more or less depending on your tastes
  • 1/4 medium Onion Chopped
  • 10 each Basil Leaves
  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Dash Dried Thyme
  • 1/4 cup Dry Red Wine


  • Chop your Tomatoes, Garlic, Onion, Basil, and toss with Olive Oil. Line a pan; Tin foil or Baking mats. Cook for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees till tomatoes start to turn golden brown.
  • Once golden brown, move tomatoes and accompaniments to a Saucepan (I used my Dutch Oven Pot and it's perfect for this!), add red wine. Bring to a simmer, and reduce to a slow simmer for as long as possible; at least 30 minutes!
  • When almost ready to assemble pizza, use an immersion blender (or transfer to a food processor) to puree to smooth; or at least mostly smooth. Simmer for another 10 minutes or so to thicken the sauce.  Once thickened to your liking, top pizza dough and add your favorite toppings!


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