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12 pound of Strawberries Later

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It’s U-Pick season!! At least for my neck of the woods it is 🙂

I started off the season with Strawberries at a U-Pick that I’ve been following on Facebook for a while now but had never ventured to due to the distance between House and Field. However, when they posted that their Jefferson Strawberries were ready to go I had to bit the bullet and do the driver! I love Strawberries! Not as much as raspberries but a lot more than Blueberries. They also have an emotional tie because growing up my Grandmother had them in her garden so as a child I was able to eat them right off the vine 🙂 Same with the raspberries but those suckers have thorns and aren’t afraid to fight back.

If you have never eaten a Jefferson Red Strawberry it’s not as sweet as some of the later season Strawberries. They might not be the sweetest for just flat out eating off the vine but they work great for baking and canning with. With the added sugar that you place in baking and canning of berries these ones don’t make the final yummy overly sweet like some of the other varieties do. So 12 pounds a rain storm later (yep, I picked berries in the rain) I came to the hardest part of the process, what to do with them! So many recipes and so little Strawberries.

Strawberry Freezer Sauce
Yes, I could have done the really hard version and canned this recipe. But I have the freezer space and having never tried this recipe before i didn’t want to comitte my taste buds to lots of this sauce so I froze it. I did love it right out of the blender and it will go great on Pancakes, Waffles, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Dark Chocolate Cake. I might even play with my Lava Cake recipe and see about adding this to the mix.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Scones
Scones are one of those great and easy things to make and share. This recipe bakes really well and is very scrumptios when done! Don’t make the mistake I made; I was rushing and didn’t think so I’m warning you. The batter will be thick before you add the berries to it so don’t stress about how thick the batter is till AFTER you add the berries. Yes, it’s a begginers error but like I said I was rushing to finish them and leave for work on time. These are great and will be added to my easy to share list.

Strawberry Coconut Milk Muffins
These were so yummy! The recipe does say to use Carton Milk but I used Light Canned Milk and it came out perfectly for me. Yes, they are Vegan but you wouldn’t know it after taking a bite unless told so. Another easy recipe to do before going to work, or a morning get together with friends, family, or people you like to feed.

Strawberry Coconut Puff Pastry
Sure, I didn’t actaully use any of the Strawberries that I picked in the recipe but it has Strawberry jam in it so it fits in the theme 🙂 Make sure on this one that you do use a high quality pastry dough otherwise it won’t turn out amazing but is still doable. Also, I used my fridge as the chill point before baking also and it took less time to bake them but they turned out just as well as the ones that did freeze. If you choose to prep and freeze them before baking in the morning do cover them so they don’t get freezer burn on them during the night. Also, do use parchment paper or a silicon matt as the jam will spread alittle and it’s 100% easier to pull them off the pan with you can bend the baking paper away from them.

Strawberry Basil Margarita-
Just what it sounds like but oh so good and refreshing!

Salad Toppers-
Add them to salad! They make a great addition and something fun and colorful to salads so don’t be afriad to add them.

I still have some to play with but I think I will freeze them for use later this year.


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