Fresh Oysters.. many ways!

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The other weekend Miss GoGo and I went to the beach and along the way, we picked up fresh, shucked that morning!, oysters to bring home. Love and I have a great appreciation for seafood, if you’re following along you’ve noticed.. lol.. and fresh oysters are just right up our alley! Yes, you can do just oyster shots/shooters with them, but that is not my style! Sure we did a few traditional ones just to taste them, but then I got to play! It’s not hard to play with oysters. The hard part of playing with them balancing it all out so you don’t lose the oyster in the additions. That is where the patience and ingredient control comes into it. You can totally mess up oysters and still have something good, but think back on it and did you really TASTE the oyster, not just chew on it?? Here is what I did with this round of fresh oysters and it was yummy! 

Cold Smoked Fresh Oysters! 

Hand-Held Smoker likes this one! We aren’t cooking them, just adding some authentic smoke to them!
Fresh Raw Oysters!    

Step 1) Cold smoke the oysters (I used hickory wood) for about 2/3 minutes on high. You want them to have the flavor of the smoke so don’t be afraid of the high setting, just watch them and if they get to dark gray (the smoke) turn it off. 

Step 2) Enjoy as is or add to shooters! 

Cold Smoked Oysters- Bacon and Basil Tomato Sauce!

Cold Smoked Oysters
A slice of Baked Bacon
Some leftover Basil Tomato Sauce

Step 1) Bake the bacon! I liked baked bacon for this as it is easy and doesn’t deform as it does in the pan. This is about 10 minutes at 350 degrees. 

Step 2) In a small shot glass place 1/4 of the bacon slice, an oyster, and smidge (1/2 tsp ish) of the basil tomato sauce. 



Cold Smoked Oysters- Smoked Garlic and Horseradish

Smoked Garlic! I did mine with Elephant but you could use regular if you want. 
Smoked Oysters
Chunky Horseradish

Step 1) In a shot glass add a smaller piece of Garlic, Smoked Oyster, and a tiny amount of horseradish. Enjoy! 




Other things you can do with them include taking cooking sauces and placing a small amount onto the oyster and enjoying them! I loved playing with this round and will revisit it again when I have more fresh oysters! Enjoy! 

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