Cubed Potato Hash Breakfast

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Mmm breakfast! One of my favorite meals after dessert! You can eat it all these types of foods for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and no one really looks at you weird. But ask for a T-Bone steak, mashed potatoes, and salad, aka dinner, for breakfast and people usually give you weird looks. Anyways… 

This morning Love and I debated breakfast slightly.. his opinion was eggs and toast.. mine was a little more like “well that’s unfun and creative!”… he laughed.. I cooked.. it works for us.. lol.. 

So I had a bag of those little potatoes that was going to go bad so I started with them. They are small and I didn’t feel like risking my fingers on the shredder this morning so I cubed them. While they were cooking in a little and a some water I rummaged through the fridge and came up with chicken eggs, I also have quail eggs and have used them before, Tokyo green onion, and white button mushrooms. 

While the potatoes worked on cooking I chopped up some mushrooms and Tokyo green onion and tossed them in with some salt and a good helping of pepper to cook down. Once they were cooked to a golden tender perfection I plated them and made some eggs over easy to go with them. It was amazing with hot coffee prepared by Love and he added toast to help soak up the egg yolk since the potatoes just wasn’t cutting it, in his opinion. It was a great, quick under 30 minute breakfast for a week day. 

Cubed Potato Hash Breakfast

Hash browns with Quail Eggs

~3/4 pound little potatoes; 10 or so, cut to small cubes
~5 white button mushrooms, diced
Tokyo green onion, diced
Eggs over easy, or however you like them. Some times I even use quail eggs! 

Step 1) Cut your potatoes into small cubes. You can peel them first, but I didn’t as I am to lazy for peeling small potatoes and there are nutrients to be had in the skin. You could even make them into hash browns instead of cubing, up to you! Once cubed, add to pan on medium heat with some oil and water and cover. Toss them every once in awhile to prevent burning. 

Step 2) Dice up some mushrooms and Tokyo green onion while the potatoes cook. 

Step 3) Add mushrooms and Tokyo green onion to pan with potatoes and finish cooking uncovered, stirring frequently to prevent sticking and burning. Depending on how you cut your potatoes this can take 10 minutes to 20 minutes in total cook time, but just test them for tenderness once they start to brown a little. When done cooking plate them. 

Step 4) Make eggs over easy, or really anyway you like them! Add to plate with potatoes and enjoy! If needed, make toast.. lol.. 

Enjoy your Potato Hash Breakfast! 

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