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Hello and Welcome to Cook The Fridge!  

Have you ever gotten to the end of the week or even just the end of the day and still had to think about a dinner plan? Well you aren’t alone!

Have you ever opened the Fridge to make food, and just stared at all the odds and ends in it and been lost? You aren’t alone! 

You always have two options when you get to this point. You can have someone else book, aka delivery or go eat out, and spend more money. Or you can suck it up and Cook The Fridge, and save some money but using what you have on hand! Win Win! 

My goal is to show you that with a little creativity and some work, you can make a home cooked meals from the odds and ends in the Fridge and save yourself some money but not wasting food and/or eating out! 

I’ll also talk about meal planning, smarter shopping habits, forgiveness, and the fun you can have in the kitchen when you let yourself play and have fun! 

There may also be some other fun things like drinks, adventures, and life along the way! 

So take a chance and come join me as we Cook The Fridge! Okay we’ll also throw in the cupboards, freezer, and a few odd ball storage spots. 

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