Deluxe Sushi Night!

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In case you haven’t caught on, we kind of love sushi! It’s easy, yummy, playful, but sadly expensive. We are also blessed to be close to a local Asain market with a good offering of tuna/salmon/bonito/etc for sushi nights; and a great selection of Sake! I am calling this the deluxe sushi night, because well it was deluxe and used up a lot of things that just needed to get eaten anyway. This amazing platter is a combination of talents between Love and myself. 

The fun part about Us is that Love is very traditional in his sushi, and I am more playful in mine. This makes for some fun times when we work together on something like this, and some crazy looks from him when I tell him to try something..lol.. 

Love’s work on this platter was the fish cakes (pink rims), tuna, bonito, and bonito salad. Bonito salad has diced up bonito and Tokyo green onion. Simple but very yummy! My work on this platter is a lot of fusion.. lol.. 

Shiso Salmon, Shiso leaves with salmon, creamy wasabi, daikon radish, and flying fish eggs. 

Shiso Salmon Salad, Shiso leaves topped with salmon, daikon radish, flying fish eggs, quail egg, and a little ponzu. 

Shiso Rice Bowls, Shiso leaf topped with sushi rice, crab meat, salmon roe, flying fish eggs, and creamy wasabi. 

It was a fun and amazing feast to enjoy. Some of these dishes will make a reappearance at other sushi nights, but who knows if they will ever again grace the same platter like this. It’s just not quite my style to do 100% repeats.

What are your favorite homemade sushi recipes?? 


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