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Menu in Review for week ending Dec 5th!

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It’s the end of the week, and less than 20 days to Christmas! 

My week wasn’t horrible outside the normal work stress but whatever, it’s work. When we started the week we had a full fridge after a couple spendy shopping trips! Luckily, I had ideas for most of it and as I work from home right this moment, on Loves day’s off we do a homemade lunch and not just leftovers. So I had a good idea that it would be easy enough to get through without wasting food. So what did the week actually look like, let’s see the menu in review… 

Menu in Review! 

Sunday: Miss GoGo was with us and she had plain shrimp and rice while we had Seafood night with Clams and Mussels!

Monday: We skipped dinner after a large lunch of store bought sushi. 

Tuesday: Breakfast was simple eggs and toast. Lunch was Homemade Sushi. Dinner was Shepard’s Pie with Quinoa Cranberry Brussel Sprouts. 

Wednesday: Miss GoGo was over for dinner and helped me make Turkey Tetrazzini and Brussel Sprouts. 

Thursday: Dinner was Korean Fusion night and stayed up a little late, trying to photograph the moon.. lol.. 

Friday: It was a simple mushroom miso soup with steamed buns and dim sum. 

Saturday: We picked up our wine from the local winery and made Mushroom Scallops with Yuzu Coconut cream

In the end, I followed my plan and didn’t throw a thing out of the fridge this week because it had gone bad! Sure I have turkey to cook and freeze still but it was a good week, a little spendy sure, but a good week. Enjoy! 

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