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Here are some of my Recipes from Cook the Fridge Videos and Posts! 

I would love to say all my Recipes are here, but some stuff just comes together and I have only the barest of idea how. 

Protein Courses

Protein isn’t just Meat and Fish! Protein is also found in grains and vegetables! With that said, here are all my protein courses be them meat, veggies, or grains! 



You can make veggies yummy! Sure a little more work and a lot more seasoning maybe needed, but it can be done! 

Desserts and Drinks

The sweet side of the table! These are only best in moderation and please if you drink, do so safely! 


Grains and Breads

Healthy in moderation, yum to the extreme! They are a great place to add things to, and it’s very easy to change their flavor. 


Breakfast and Brunch

Ah slow mornings when you can make a good breakfast and enjoy it!